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Night Night vampire

Night Night vampire



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Night Night vampire






Night Night vampire

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"Claudia! Claudia come back here!". Her mother shouted rising from her log, she stamped her foot in anger as she always did whenever she was furious. "I'll be back". Claudia shouted back. "I just want to be alone right now. Is that too much to ask?". She added silently. Her mother gave up yelling and buried her face in her palm in frustration. Elena was stressed out with Claudia's moodiness and constant tantrums. A simple mother and daughter camp out gone wrong. Claudia wondered deeper into the forest not turning around or leaving marks. "Just tell me who my father is! Just let me know who I am!", Claudia muttered to herself. She walked deeper and deeper breathing heavily but her anger and stubbornness won't let her return to her camp site. The forest became darker and steeper and it was becoming impossible to go any further. A sharp twig sticking out of a tree branch stabbed Claudia as she struggled to get past it. "Arghh", Claudia growled and gritted her teeth trying to muffle her screams. Her right shin was bleeding and badly torn. "Curse you stupid tree!!". "That's a sacred tree!", a deep voice startled Claudia. "Who's there!", she yelled looking around in fright. "Who said that!". "A vampire"....