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I know the Devil

I know the Devil


surreal ink

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I know the Devil






I know the Devil

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"Father I have sinned. I have a confession." I lean against the confession booth relieved that I could finally tell someone this niggling secret that haunted me. I wasn't Catholic, heck I wasn't a Christian but when your mom worked four jobs just to keep a roof over your head and your best friend and only friend think you are a psycho, a priest seems like a reasonable option to tell a sin that robs you of sleep constantly. "What is it, my child?" The priest's voice comes out through the window. "The devil kissed me and I liked it." As I walked back home, my head down, hands tightly holding on to my backpack because of my squalor-like neighbourhood which breeds crime. I couldn't help but smile a little, amused at the priest's face as I tried to convince him I didn't mean a figurative devil but the real deal. I'm Prudence, a runt litter, a nobody in my private high school, and a charity case on scholarship but somehow the devil chose me.

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