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His Miracle Luna

His Miracle Luna



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His Miracle Luna






His Miracle Luna

Rating: 6.0/10 from 101 ratings

Everly is a mere human in the pack of wolves. But when her Alpha suddenly banishes her after she finds out that she is his mate she has no other choice but to run. Leaving her entire life behind. While on the road to a new life she so happens to be ran into a new territory by rouges. Gabriel Rodriguez the, Alpha of The Mystic Shadow Pack is, has been anything but kind to strangers on his territory. But when he finds out that this small human is his second chance mate he is more than welcoming to her staying. But will she want to? Will she be willing to get to know the real man behind all the stories she has heard? There's dangers lurking if she does agree to stay, and find out what he has to offer. She also finds out more than she ever thought about herself. Who she is and how strong she can be, and how much more stronger she is if she accepts it. ** THERE ARE MATURE CHAPTERS IN THIS BOOK, SO IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE READING IT THEN THIS BOOK ISN'T FOR YOU!! **