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Fated: My Perfect Wife Is A Substitute

Fated: My Perfect Wife Is A Substitute


Irita Sarkar

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Fated: My Perfect Wife Is A Substitute






Fated: My Perfect Wife Is A Substitute

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Celia Kane originally came from a wealthy family, but she was orphaned by her mother at an early age. Ever since then, she was made to live a hard life. Her father and stepmother even set her up to marry Tyson Shaw who was supposed to marry her stepsister. Unwilling to accept her fate, Celia ran away on the day of the wedding and had a one night stand. Celia tried to leave secretly that night, but her father found her again. Having failed to escape her fate, she was still forced to become the substitute bride. Unexpectedly, she was treated well by her husband during the marriage. Celia also gradually came to learn that he had many secrets of his own. Would Celia find out that the man she had a one night stand with was actually her husband? Would Tyson know that Celia was only a substitute bride for her stepsister? When was Celia going to find out that her unassuming husband was actually a mysterious tycoon? Find them out in this book.

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