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Dominating Alpha's Rogue mate

Dominating Alpha's Rogue mate



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Dominating Alpha's Rogue mate






Dominating Alpha's Rogue mate

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"Little doll, do you know what happens now?" muttered huskily as he snapped the waistband of my panties, causing me to shiver. His gaze trailed up my lower body giving me that seductive look which had me burning inside. Such desires? "N-no…please d-don't, "I begged as I tried to cover up, his gaze was piercing that I swore he would destroy me "Spread your legs for me,? little one…" his voice was of authority that my wolf shivered from fright, he didn't even finish when he slipped two fingers inside me thrusting deeper, the pain and pleasure exploded throughout my body I couldn't hold back than grasp the sheets tightly? I was on the run from a group of werewolves who wanted my life. I didn't know I would end up entering the devil's territory, Alpha Rudolph only asked for one thing in exchange for protecting me "You are mine to use, mine to fuck and mine to pleasure… don't you forget that! Your little wolf belongs to me!" He growled as he snapped my panties in one go leaving me naked. The price I had to pay to hide from the CIRCLE, but for how long? Warning ?? contains explicit contents