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Dangerously Yours Till Eternity

Dangerously Yours Till Eternity



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Dangerously Yours Till Eternity






Dangerously Yours Till Eternity

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"Truly, I am dangerous but it is nothing for you to fear." He said, tossing away the head of the vampire he had just yanked out and was still dripping with blood, while he moved closer to her. "Why?" She asked, trying her best to sound bold. "Because I am yours." *** Maybe if someone had showed Ivy what the future would hold if she decided to go to a nightclub a night before her arranged wedding, throw the word 'mine' to the first greek god she sees and have a one night stand with that stupidly rich greek god, maybe she would have just accepted her fate, stayed home and gone to her arranged wedding in the morning to pay up her father's debt. But no fortune teller had warned her and so she did all the above. Now here comes the consequences. Some are bad, some are spicy and some are just mysteriously unexpected.

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