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Binded By Love

Binded By Love


Michy Gaza

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Binded By Love






Binded By Love

Rating: 6.0/10 from 91 ratings

The very day she came back into her home country, she heard the most absurd news. "Your sister is getting married with Mr. Stephenson". "What did you say?" She couldn't believe it. At the engagement party, she was shocked to see her sister getting engaged to her fiancé. "Daniel, remember this, I dumped you! Did you hear that? I dumped you, not the other way round." ..... Who could have guessed that after being betrayed by her fiancé and sister and being labelled as a home wrecker, someone would still want to marry her? "Don't you want to get revenge on your fiancé for what he did?" Nathan Clemon asked Hilda. "What has that got to do with you?" She snapped back. "It has got everything to do with me. I am the only person who could help you achieve that whiles giving you the happiness that any woman would wish in this world." ...... Would Hilda accept his marriage proposal? And even if she did, would she be happy? Join me as we get to know about the twists and turns on how things would end up

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